Which Tag is suitable for my application? 

LoRa (Long Range): Compatible only with the Cube II

Ble (Bluetooth Low Energy): Only compatible with Bluetooth Cubes 

Please note that tags are not cross-compatible. LoRa tags will not work with Bluetooth Cubes, and Bluetooth tags will not work with the Cube II. 

How do I know if my Cube is LoRa?

  • If your Cube has a black button on the rear or
  • The Cube’s serial number begins in 003###

the Cube has a LoRa module inside and is therefore compatible with LoRa tags. 

If your Cube has a serial number beginning in 001### or 002### and a grey power button, the Cube is not compatible with LoRa tags. 

What do the different tags do?

The different tags have different sensors embedded inside, which make them suitable for different applications. These include: 

PIR: Detecting and alerting to motion in front of the sensor

  • Suitable for:
    • Mounting indoors, in vehicle cabs or in suspected entry points of pests
      • When body heat is detected by the tag (e.g., an individual or pest walks in front of it), the Cube will be triggered to send an alert.


Shock: Detecting and alerting to the physical movement of a door, machine, or object

  • Suitable for:
    • Mounting on gates, doors, or plant machinery
      • When the tag (or whatever it is mounted to) is physically moved, shaken, or vibrated, the tag will become active, and the Cube will send an alert.


Magnetic (Reed Switch): Detecting and alerting of the opening of gates and doors

  • Suitable for:
    • Mounting on doors or gates
      • The tag will be ‘off’ by default when the two magnets are in contact with one another. When the magnets lose contact (i.e., a door or gate is opened), the tag switches on and prompts the Cube to send an alert.
    • We have two versions of this tag, a standard tag version and a discreet ‘gate adjuster’ version, which is a nut shaped tag that screws onto the adjuster of farm gates.


Switch Tag (Range Finder): Activated by a ‘switch’ button to trigger the Cube to send alerts.

  • Ideal for surveying sites and checking the range and availability of LoRa frequencies before installing LoRa tags.


What does ‘external antenna’ or ‘stub antenna’ mean?

The external ‘stub’ antenna sits outside of the tags casing and its higher gain allows it to communicate with the Cube at a greater distance than standard tags. 

We produce stub antenna versions of our whole range of LoRa tags. If you are unsure whether your application may require external antenna tags, please get in touch at uwatchadmin@uwatch.co.uk.


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