Protect your boat against theft and vandalism now!

Real Time Security

Simply mount a cube on or inside your boat. If someone knocks your boat or gains access, you will get an alert to your smartphone in less than 30 seconds.

The alert will contain a date and time stamped image which is admissable as evidence.

Additionally, if you get an alert and you suspect that your boat may be stolen, you can remotely switch on the GPS tracking.

For extra security, you could attach our Bluetooth vibration detector to door handles or the outboard motor. If the door is tried or the motor is moved, you will get an alert.

Peace of Mind

The Cube sends alerts to your phone wherever you are in the world. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing if someone attempts to break into your boat, you will know and can call the police.

Record pictures of your valuables:

You can use the uWatch app to create a detailed asset list of your valuables. All pictures are date and time stamped and may contain information such as serial numbers and noticeable markings. This record is stored on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

The uWatch system is police approved :

  • Totally portable and instantly deployable security.
  • That will detect crime as it is happening, help prevent crime and help solve it.”

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