When the clocks go back, keep thieves in the dark.

October 14, 2021 || Uncategorized

Clocks go back: Sunday, 31 October.

Thinking of security for those bikes and tools in your shed? They become more vulnerable on 31st October when the clocks go back. It may feel like a long time since the blue skies of summer, but this marks the end of British Summer Time (BST). It also means an extra hour in bed.

When the nights get longer and the clocks go back, don’t be in the dark when it comes to protecting your belongings. Bikes and tools in sheds and outbuildings are particularly vulnerable with 1 in 6 people taking no measure to secure them, as Aviva reports a 15% increase in home theft during October and November while intruders have greater opportunities to hide under the cover of darkness leading to over 22,500 instances of shed break-ins and thefts each year.

uWatch provides solutions for security in sheds, garages, and outbuildings, with the Cube which is accredited by the police’s ‘Secured By Design’ initiative and recommended by a number of police forces such as Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, and Suffolk Police. The Cube has a built-in camera and PIR motion sensor, connects to the strongest out of all available GSM mobile networks and requires no mains power making it ideal for remote locations, with instant notifications including photos and GPS data sent direct to your smartphone in under 30 seconds.

The Cube system is easy to set up, with the intuitive uWatch app and desktop system that allows you to configure your Cube’s settings to work in a way that is tailored to your needs. It can provide time- and date-stamped images, along with notifications of signal strength, GPS location and temperature, allowing you the peace of mind that should anybody try to intrude on your property, you’ll be informed instantly with all the necessary information and evidence for you to share with the police and your local community. Using your uWatch Cube alongside a Bluetooth or long-range LoRa tag means that you can be notified of a gate, shed or garage door being opened, with a photo delivered to your phone or email inbox within seconds, should any intruders gain entry.

This innovative palm-sized system is inconspicuous and can be paired with multiple LoRa tags, allowing the Cube to act as a central hub if the property, shed, or garage you need to protect has multiple points of entry or vulnerabilities. The portable size and nature of the Cube allows for it to be deployed wherever needed, with quick and easy reconfiguration allowing it to be used in scenarios ranging from outbuildings and sheds, to shipping containers and boats.