uWatch provide multi-purpose alerting systems that can be deployed anywhere without the need for mains power

They deliver secure alerts to a central system from where a user can be informed on the web site, on a mobile phone app, by a phone call or text message.

These days we receive so many notifications but so few of them are really important to us. We get notifications that we have new mail and that we have new postings on a social media network.

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Now we can get the notifications that really matter to us

that your son is home from school or your daughter back from a party; that your greenhouse is getting overheated, your aged parent is up and about as normal; that your boat is in danger of sinking; or that someone has broken in to your outhouse, caravan, holiday property or garage.

That’s what uWatch gives you – the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and precious goods are safe. And if things go wrong, you have all the evidence to help the police or other authority to get started with their investigations.