Rural Crime

  • Cost of Rural Crime: £50 million / year.

  • Rustling is not an infrequent case but “organised crime” is harvesting sheep from flocks on a regular basis.
  • Although farmers are aware of these signifncant losses, often flocks are too remote to be monitored. This makes police invesigations difficult as knowing exactly when a crime happens is crucial.
  • The uWatch System will tell you when that field gate is opened or that cattle grid crossed
  • The Cube can be mounted in a barn, outbuildings, remote plant vehicles and if anyone enters you will get an alert in under 30 seconds – containing a date and time stamped picture.

    The uWatch System:

1). The Cube (mounted near the gate, fence or barn)

2). Bluetooth Tag (fixed to gate, fence or grid)

3). The uWatch app (recieves alerts from The Cube)

    How does it work?

1). The Bluetooth “Shock” Tag on the gate or grid is activated by someone or something moving it

2). The Cube picks up the movement and sends an alert to your phone, typically in 30 seconds.


In a rural farming neighbourhood several members could deploy a uWatch Cube.

Should any member experience trespass or theft, the uWatch alerts can be shared in real time amongst the locals.

Such intelligence could help thwart organised thieves sweeping through communities and would allow them to alert local ‘under resourced’ police forces while crimes are actually in progress.


The main features of The Cube are:

  1. PIR Sensor – Detects any movement within a 135 degree angle
  2. Camera – Takes Date and Time stamped photos with a wide angle lens
  3. Shock/Movement Sensor – If the cube is moved or knocked, you will be sent an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor – You can define a temperature range that if exceeded, you are sent an alert
  5. GPS – You can track your Cube’s location
  6. Bluetooth – Connects with additional movement tags

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