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Not and outboard in sight… but in this case, it’s not because they have all been stolen.

Theft, vandalism or the elements…why wait until you become a victim?

The elements: When you are away from your boat you have the bilge pump float switch attached to your battery so no problem there; until the battery goes flat and the first thing you know about it is a call from the marina or river authority, as your boat is under water. The uWatch system will alert you if:

  • the bilges are getting full (using the accompanying Bluetooth level sensor); or
  • the temperature inside the cabin is getting very low and you may have forgotten to drain the galley or put antifreeze in the engine.

Security: Do you want to know if

  • someone is living on your boat when it is supposed to be unoccupied?
  • or thieves are on your boat stripping out the upholstery and fittings?

The uWatch cube will even alert you if an intruder tried opening the locked cabin door before they broke in. Additionally, if your boat gets stolen from the marina or outside your house, you can switch on its GPS remotely from the App on your phone.

Peace of Mind

  • Opportunist thieves spotted you leaving your boat/tent/caravan? Need to know if they decided to break in whilst you were away? Hired a boat and want to know where it is, when you are not on board?

Just install a battery powered uWatch Cube on the boat and if you have outboards, also use Bluetooth shock tags. You will receive an alert within one minute of an intruder entering / moving your boat, wherever you are in the world.

Record pictures of your valuables: Its quick and easy to use the uWatch App to record a picture of your assets. It could be your outboard motor with its distinguishing marks and serial numbers, or the little row boat that you have moored at the end of your garden, that looks at first glance like a thousand others.

  • the pictures are date and time stamped and can be used for positive identification and evidence by the police
  • send the pictures to your insurance company and ask them for a better insurance quote.

The uWatch system is approved under the Police’s “secured by design” scheme.

  • Totally portable and instantly deployable security.
  • That will detect crime as it is happening, help prevent crime and help solve it.”

The main features of The Cube are:

  1. PIR Sensor – Detects any movement within a 135 degree angle
  2. Camera – Takes Date and Time stamped photos with a wide angle lens
  3. Shock/Movement Sensor – If the cube is moved or knocked, you will be sent an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor – You can define a temperature range that if exceeded, you are sent an alert
  5. GPS – You can track your Cube’s location
  6. Bluetooth – Connects with additional movement tags

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What you need to get started

The Cube™

for 1 year

The uWatch Cube is the battery or mains powered communications hub of the uWatch system.

It uses a cross network SIM and the 2G cellular network, which means it works in the most remote locations.

The Cube (Day Time Camera)

Option 1
£238.80 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

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The Cube LL (Day & Night Time Camera)

Option 2
£330.00 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

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Bluetooth “Loop” Tag

£30.00 Incl VAT

The Tag is a Bluetooth movement sensor that can extend your Cube’s capacity and monitoring range, approximately 50m in a clear line of sight.

One cube can monitor up to 10 tags at the same time. You can attach your tags to your boat, outboard motor, and other valuable equipment on board using velcro coins, cable ties or screws, which we supply for every tag purchase.

If you have tags on your boat and numerous additional items the Alert sent to your phone from the Cube will specifically identify which Bluetooth tag it came from. You can name your tags, therefore allowing you to identify the item or part of the part being disturbed e.g. ‘outboard motor’

If you attach a “Loop Tag” to your motor, or any expensive equipment on board and someone tries to move them the movement sensor will ‘wake up’.

When a Tag is disturbed it broadcasts via Bluetooth for 30 minutes. Your cube will ‘wake up’ every 60 seconds to check whether any of the movement sensors have been disturbed.  If the Cube detects no movement it will ‘sleep’ to save battery. If it detects a sensor has been moved, the Cube connects to the GSM network and sends an alert to your phone within 90 seconds.

Dust and Splash Proof Housing for Cube™

£28.00 Incl VAT


  • Waterproof enclosure for external applications
  • Mounting adapter can be screwed or cable tied to a structure near your boat to provide optimum coverage
  • Correctly mounting your Cube can improve communication between it and the Bluetooth movement or float sensors you may have on and around your boat

Bluetooth Float Switch

£54.00 Incl VAT

  • The Cube can support up to 10 Bluetooth devices
  • Can be mounted to detect when water in the bilge area of your boat reaches a notifiable high level
  • It is connected to a Bluetooth transmitter which alerts the cube when the water level rises. The cube will then send you an alert within 60 seconds.