Domestic security

  • Vacant Property Security: Holiday Homes in the UK and abroad remain vulnerable when unoccupied. Discreetly place and activate a uWatch Cube inside overlooking an access point. If someone enters your property, you will receive an alert to your Smartphone within 6o seconds.
  • Rental Property Security: Discreetly place and activate a uWatch Cube inside overlooking the door. If someone enters the door or tries to open it you will receive an alert to your Smartphone within 30 seconds. The uWatch Cube will provide peace of mind of routine cleaning, maintenance visits and expected behaviour between rentals.
  • External Security: Monitor attendance of pool cleaners and gardeners. Request they pass in front of an externally activated uWatch Cube providing time and date stamped evidence of attendance. You will receive an alert and picture to your Smartphone within 30 seconds.
  • Asset Register: Routinely take pictures of your valuables on the uWatch Asset Register that comes with the APP, and should they be stolen, you can immediately share this information with the police and your insurance company.
  • Sudden Temperature Change: Monitor the temperature in your Holiday Home. Your uWatch Cube will routinely provide you with temperature as part of its daily reporting to your APP as well as when it alerts. It can be configured to report a sudden change in temperature too.
  • Activate only at certain times: You can configure the Cube to only alert within certain times of the day, so if you have employees entering at certain times, it will remain dormant.
  • Remote Configuration:  You can change the configuration of the uWatch Cube remotely, without having to visit the property being monitored.

The main features of The Cube are:

  1. PIR Sensor – Detects any movement within a 135 degree angle
  2. Camera – Takes Date and Time stamped photos with a wide angle lens
  3. Shock/Movement Sensor – If the cube is moved or knocked, you will be sent an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor – You can define a temperature range that if exceeded, you are sent an alert
  5. GPS – You can track your Cube’s location
  6. Bluetooth – Connects with additional movement tags

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