Wide Variety of Applications

The uWatch system can be used in a wide variety of applications including security, care. monitoring your possessions or your property … giving you peace of mind.

You can adjust the sensors on the uWatch Hub to suit your application.

Check on your valued possessions:

Find out if your greenhouse is too cold for your prize chrysanthemums. Or keep an eye on those things at a remote site, in an outbuilding, in storage, or a boat, caravan or holiday home anywhere in the world. Place the uWatch Cube nearby and as long as you have a mobile phone signal, you will be alerted to any problems wherever you are and at any time.


Peace of Mind

Is my daughter home from school? Or my aged relative up and about as normal? The uWatch Cube is a simple way to get that peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe. It is easy to useand can be moved to a new location and a new use in moments. Press and hold the button to use the Cube as a panic alarm.