uWatch Cube: Prevent and Deter Van & Tool Theft

“Trade tool theft is at epidemic proportions in the UK and “is costing Britain’s tradespeople nearly £100 million / year”.

Van Security

Parked up for the night or parked around the corner from the job, your van is an easy target for the professional thief.

Put a uWatch Cube inside your van and if someone breaks in, you will receive an alert to your smartphone within 30 seconds with a date and time stamped picture. If someone steals your van you can track it with the Cube’s GPS.

The PIR sensor will detect any movement and the shock sensor will tell you if The Cube has been moved. For extra security, you can place individual Bluetooth tags on door handles, and if someone attempts to use one, you will be sent an alert detailing exactly which handle was used.

Site Security

Storing tools and materials on site? Within a minute The Cube can be set up to alert you if someone is on your site; trying to open doors, steal oil or clambering over the scaffold at 3.00am!

Take pictures of your vulnerable tools: 

Its quick and easy to use the uWatch App to record the most valuable and vulnerable tools you have with you, including serial numbers and descriptions.

The pictures are date and time stamped and stored on the cloud and so can be used for positive identification and evidence.

As the information is stored on the cloud, you can send the pictures to your insurance company and ask them for a better insurance quote.

If you were unlucky enough to be a victim you can send the Police and insurance company pictures of what was stolen.


Think your tools are safe because you transferred your tools to your garage or shed? Think again … an empty trade van tells the thief your tools are probably nearby. The Cube is portable, move it to your lockup over the weekend.

For more information please visit The Cube tab. The uWatch system is approved under the Police’s “secured by design” scheme.

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