The Cube

The uWatch Cube


Small & Powerful

The battery powered Cube can be installed in any location and configured to alert on movement or shock, taking a time-stamped, date-stamped photograph. The Cube will also report GPS location and temperature change if required.

IoT Ready

The Cube has passive infrared (PIR), shake (accelerometer), and temperature sensors as well as a wide-angle camera and Global Positioning System (GPS and A-GPS) tracking.  Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is integrated into the Cube to capitalise on current and future IoT technology developments to allow the uWatch system to act as a communications hub for remote devices and sensors. The high level technical specification with over the air (OTA) firmware upgrades and remote configuration means the Cube is as future-proofed as possible.


Extra Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth connectivity means that we will be able to add other accessories and sensors like flood or smoke detectors, float switches, external lights, or sirens to suit applications which may appear in the future.

The system is tailored to a specific application by changing the status and configuration of sensors via the Owner’s Web interface.