Bluetooth extensions

Bluetooth Extensions

The uWatch Cube has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) embedded. We have implemented two forms of BLE.

Alerts from External Sensors

The first is the ability to accept alerts from a BLE device. For instance, a simple float mechanism could be used in the bilges of a boat. When it floats it sends a message via BLE to your Cube which raises an alert.

Other remote sensors could be flood, smoke or fire sensors; sensors on traps; or sensors used in a care environment using pressure pads or wearable devices.


Trigger External Devices

The second type is where an alert triggers a BLE output from your Cube. For instance, a PIR trigger could cause a BLE output to switch on a light before taking a picture. So you would get an alert followed by a second alert with the picture. We have found that pictures with even a small amount of light at night are better than night-vision cameras.

Other triggers could set off a siren or a recorded message; could release a trap, or in a care environment, could open a door.

Applications Tailored to Specific Markets

Our aim at uWatch is to provide the interfaces so that others can develop applications focused on their particular needs and markets. For instance a marine agent might take the float switch idea and develop it, or a group interested in trapping animals might develop an application that releases the trap if the wrong animal is caught.