The uWatch System

A Multi-purpose alerting system

uWatch have developed a multi-purpose alert device, the Cube, using mobile phone technology supported by mobile applications and cloud-based web services. The system has a wide variety of uses.

Peace of Mind

Simple peace of mind applications might be knowing that that your children are home from school, that the green house is not overheating, or that your elderly relative is up and about as usual.


Critical Applications

There might be rather more critical application where you need to take action. For instance, you could set a uWatch Cube to tell you when there is a rat in the trap you have set, or that there is water in the bilges of your boat and it is liable to sink. Maybe you have a holiday home or a caravan at a remote site and can see that someone is there when they are not expected.


And then there are the security applications. A break-in or damage being caused at home or at remote sites; a gate to a field being opened or your garden tractor, or even your car, on the move in the early hours of the morning.

Instantly deployed, Flexible

The key to all these and more applications is that the Cube can be instantly deployed to monitor these types of concerns, and if required can be moved to another application a few minutes later.

uWatch – Keeping an eye on things