The Cube

The Cube is more than just a Security Camera. It is a compact security solution that includes a Security Camera, a Passive Infra-Red sensor, motion detector, GPS Tracker and a temperature sensor.

The Cube is not dependent on WiFi or mains powers. It is battery operated, so will work just about anywhere! It uses a Phone SIM card for communication – so it is ideal for remote locations or mobile storage.

The device can be controlled and monitored via an App on your Smartphone (Android and iPhone compatible)

Price of the Cube includes a non-refundable 12 Month SIM contract.


£342.00 Incl. VAT

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Outdoor Mounting£34.80 Incl. VAT

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Indoor Mounting £28.80 Incl. VAT

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Cube Kits

Indoor Kit £394.80 Incl. VAT

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Outdoor Kit £376.80 Incl. VAT

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Shipping Container Kit£444 Incl. VAT

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Enclosure Size: 65mm cube
Enclosure meterial: ABS
Operational Weight: 180gms (including batteries)
USB power supply: 5v (e.g. android phone charger)
Camera resolution: Hi Res 640x480, Low 320x240
Camera response time: 0.8 seconds
Operational temperature: -20 to +45ºC
Batteries: 3 x Lithium AA, total 4.5v connected in series
GSM Modem: 2g
micro SIM: uWatch APN Roaming UK and Europe (other by special order)
SIM Network: EE, 02, Vodafone
Bluetooth: uWatch proprietary
Bluetooth Tag Batteries: CR2032
Cube Batteries: 3 X lithium AA
Clock Backup Batteries: CR1025
Lora Tag Batteries: Lithium CR2
PIR sensor: 135 deg angle of view, 3-5m range.
IR array: 10 x 0.6 watt LED's
SD card: 2 gigabyte
Firmware: uWatch proprietary v A059
App: Android and iPhone
LCD: Screen:20 x 25mm LCD

If you insert all 3 batteries into the cube the incorrect way, please return the cube to uwatch immediately so we can test for device damage.

The Cube App

The uWatch app is available for both Apple and Android device. The App will allow you monitor multiple devices at once.

Receive immediate alerts to your mobile device

Alerts updates include a photo, temperature, battery strength and GSM strength, as well a location

You can control, and monitor all your uWatch devices on a single app

The Cube’s Browser

All the information is also available in your web browser. You can configure your email to receive immediate alerts

Cube Configuration Options
Configuration Name Configuration Description Owner Action
Boat Mount the cube inside the cabin, if anyone enters you will get an alert. If you suspect the cube or boat is being stolen, please apply "Tracking Mode" configuration
Care monitoring Camera is ON but can be disabled. Sounder is OFF. Temperature range can be adjusted  
Factory Default Factory Default Factory Default
Gate monitoring This config is for use with a bluetooth tag. PIR is OFF, tag is attached to gate. Shock sensor and camera ON Add tag to configuration
Outdoors Monitoring - GPS ON/OFF    
Pest Control - loft monitoring Basic: PIR, Shock and Camera on  
Pest Control - Outdoor tag monitoring No PIR If you want to use PIR, you must ensure your have the plastic PIR fitting over the PIR sensor - this will prevent false alerts
Shed/Container If someones enters your shed or moves the cube, you will get an alert. If you want to know whether someone has simply tried the door handle, please add your bluetooth tag to this configuration
Tracking Mode This config has GPS turned ON, a tracking time of 2 minutes (can be changed) and the sounder turned OFF. After an alert the cube will send updated GPS coordinates every minute for 2 minutes. It will repeat this after every alert. After importing this configuration, you will be able to apply it from your app or webpage. Only apply this config if you think the cube, or the vehicle containing the cube is being moved (e.g. after you get a shock alert)
Van This config is for mounting the cube in your van. If someone knocks your van, gains access or drives it, you will get an alert. When receiving an alert on your app, if you think the van or cube is being stolen, you can "change cube configuration" and apply "Tracking Mode"