The uWatch Cube™

The uWatch Cube

Is the versatile and inexpensive buddy for your mobile phone that keeps an eye on the things you can’t.

Description: The Cube is a sensor rich battery powered computer incorporating a GSM network connection, sending alerts to your smart phone in less than 30 seconds, anywhere in the world.

Features and sensors include:

  1. Passive infrared – Detects any movement within a 135° angle
  2. Camera – Day/night or daytime only versions
  3. Shock/Movement accelerometer – movement of the Cube itself initiates an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. GPS
  6. Bluetooth – Connects additional vibration detector to the Cube
  7. External power input
  8. Roaming SIM with unlimited data
  9. Over the air” firmware upgrades.

How does it work?

  1. If the Cube is moved, OR …
    1. something moves in front of it
    2. a Bluetooth Tag activates it
    3. it senses that the temperature is outside a range you have set
    4. the internal clock has told it to activate

… an alert will be sent to your smartphone in less than 30 seconds

This is a real-time Notification sent to the uWatch App with an audible alarm, not an unreliable SMS message.

  1. If the batteries are getting low you get a message and another when they are flat.

a. on your phone, tablet or PC you can escalate any alert sending the details to someone else via Notification, SMS or Email.

  1. From your web page or app you can preconfigure the Cube for your particular application switching off the features not needed, and save those settings for future use. On the app you can enable/disable certain functions as you go e.g:

a. switch on the GPS tracking

b. turn off cube for X hours

  1. If the Cube is on but there are no alerts you will receive a regular “heartbeat” to confirm it is still working
  1. Battery life

a. The key feature of the Cube is the speed with which it delivers the alert (under 30 seconds)

b. The more sensors enabled, the more battery consumed

c. Typically, one set of Lithium AA batteries should give you 300+ high res picture alerts or 10 weeks monitoring a gate

  1. Unlike Wi-Fi devices, the Cube is very mobile and

a. can work anywhere there is a phone signal, irrespective of whether it is EE, Vodafone or O2, changing from one mobile network to another, automatically.

b. can be swapped between different applications instantly e.g. from monitoring your trade van to monitoring your garage.

Typical uses

Peace of mind:

  • Is granny is up and about or is there a problem?
  • Are the kids home from school?

Need to Know:

  • The temperature has dropped to 4°C so there may be a frost.
  • There is something scratching around in the loft, is it a rat or the cat?


  • Is someone using your holiday home when you are not there?
  • Are your tools safe in your shed or van?

Go to Applications tab to see many of them.



Enclosure Size: 65mm cubeEnclosure material: ABSOperational Weight: 180gms (including batteries)USB power supply: 5v (e.g. android phone charger)

Camera resolution: Hi Res 640 x 480, Low 320 x 240

Camera response time: < 0. 6 seconds

Operational temperature: -20 to +45 ° C

Batteries: 3 x Lithium AA, total 4.5v connected in series

GSM Modem: 2g or 3g (NBIoT special order)

micro SIM: uWatch APN Roaming UK and Europe (other by special order)

Bluetooth: uWatch proprietary

Tags batteries: 2032 lithium coin cells, 3v

PIR sensor: 135 deg angle of view, 3-5m range.

IR array: 10 x .6 watt LED’s

SD card: 2 gigabyte

Firmware: uWatch proprietary vA041

App: Android and iPhone

LCD: 20 x 25mm sq.