The uWatch Cube™

The uWatch Cube

“The versatile and inexpensive companion for your mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a battery or mains powered computer that keeps an eye on things you can’t”.

The Cube comes with a 12 month “roaming” SIM contract, unlimited data and cloud storage.

How does it work?

If the Cube is moved, something moves in front of it, a Bluetooth sensor activates it or it senses that the temperature is outside a range you have set … an alert will be sent to your smart phone. This is real-time communication sent to the uWatch App not an SMS message that may never arrive.

The Cube will connect to the uWatch system from most countries in the world and send alerts to your phone in less than 30 seconds.

From your phone, tablet or PC you can escalate the alert to someone else for example, the Police, via SMS or Email. The alert will contain a date and time stamped photo, the battery life, the connection strength and a temperature reading.

After you receive the alert you can make certain configuration changes on the App including:

  • Switch on the GPS tracking
  • Turn off the sound of the cube

If there are no alerts you will receive a “heartbeat” to confirm that the cube is working and be warned when the batteries are running low.

Unlike with Wi-Fi dependant devices, the Cube is very mobile, it will work anywhere swapping from one mobile phone tower and carrier to another automatically, without the need to put in passwords.

What are the typical uses?

Peace of mind:

  • Do you want to know if granny is up and about?
  • Are the kids home from school?
  • Is someone in your holiday home when you are not there?
  • Is the temperature in your greenhouse getting to a critical level?
  • Are your expensive tools safely secure in your shed or van?
  • You can find a detailed description of some of the Cube’s uses under the Applications Tab


  • The uWatch system has Police “Secured by Design” approval because it will help “prevent, reduce and solve crime”.
  • Crime prevention: The police need to know that thieves are at work
  • The uWatch Cube will tell you within 30 seconds if someone tried to break in or has succeeded, but the criminal won’t know that you know … call the police

Companions for your Cube

The Cube may occasionally need some help. To provide an extra layer of security and extend your level of security to more than one room, one piece of expensive equipment or more than one trap, look to our Bluetooth ‘movement sensor’ Tags.

What are the Tags?

The Tags are powered by a 2032 coin cell battery and we have 3 different types of Tags that can be used for different applications:

  • The Bluetooth “Loop” Tag – Perfect for cable tying or screwing to a door or window handle, a piece of expensive equipment, or underneath scaffold boards.
  • The Bluetooth “Hook” Tag – Perfect for hooking to a cage trap or connecting to an underground trap via cord (not supplied)
  • The Bluetooth “Pill” Tag – Perfect for velcroing to the top of a door or to a piece of equipment

How do they work?

The Tag is a Bluetooth movement sensor that can extend your Cube’s capacity and monitoring range, approximately 20m in a clear line of sight. One Cube can manage up to 10 Bluetooth Tags and you can give each individual tag a name. This is useful as when you receive an alert to your phone the name of the Tag will appear, so you know for example, where the attempted point of break in was. You could name one of your Tags ‘grey tag on front door handle’.

The Tags are very sensitive to any application of force or pressure:

  • If someone tries your door handle the Tag will ‘wake up’
  • If someone attempts to life a piece of equipment the Tag will ‘wake up’
  • If a trap is triggered the vibrations alone will ‘wake’ the Tag up

When a Tag is disturbed it broadcasts via Bluetooth for 30 minutes. Your cube will ‘wake up’ every 30 seconds to check whether any of the Bluetooth ‘movement sensor’ Tags have been disturbed.  If the Cube detects no movement it will ‘sleep’ to save battery. If it detects a sensor has been moved, the Cube connects to the GSM network and sends an alert to your phone within 90 seconds.

You can alter the configuration of the Tags to ‘sleep’ for more or less time after it has been disturbed, as you may want to preserve battery life and you can configure your Cube to wake up less frequently than every 30 seconds to check for disturbed Tags.