The System

The uWatch System: for helping “prevent, reduce and solve crimes of theft”

Asset List

“The Asset List part of the uWatch system includes a simple App which empowers everyone to quickly record the essential picture evidence needed for identification. The way to get rid of the organised crime business is to removes its markets and imprison its salesmen”.

Why take pictures of your possessions?

To be admissible in law as evidence the pictures of your assets must have a date and time stamp in the image, the normal pictures from your phone are not admissible.

Pictures of possessions are crucial evidence in identifying:

  • Stolen goods being offered at an auction, on a website or at a boot sale
  • The owner of the goods, if they are recovered by the police
  • The person knowingly selling them on
  • What an insurance company is actually insuring

Having your laptop stolen is not just a financial loss but could involve losses of course work and personal information, none of which is covered by insurance … even if you have it.

  • To meet the police’s “Secured by Design” approval, the pictures of your possessions are stored on a certified ISO 27001 server.

What is the system and how much does it cost?

As a member of the uWatch system you will have access to:

  • The Asset List App
  • The “registered user web page” for adding full details and posting something as lost or stolen
  • The cost is £24/year including VAT
  • The “Dodgy Gear” bulletin board where items being offered for sale can be checked against the lost/stolen database
  • The “Dodgy Gear” App is available as a free download

How is the Asset List used?

Once you have registered you can start creating your Asset List.

  • Use the App for taking date and time stamped pictures of your possessions – Details such as serial numbers can also be added here or on the user web page
  • On the user web page, you can add serial numbers, costs, full descriptions, purchase dates etc
  • Print off your asset list and send it to insurance companies to confirm exactly what you want them to insure and to get the best quote

Reporting something as Lost or Stolen

On the user web page:

  • Click on “report lost or stolen”
  • Complete the additional information such as when and where
  • Save the record to the Lost/Stolen Bulletin Board, where it will appear immediately.

“Dodgy gear” Bulletin Board:

What is it?

This is a database of all the lost/stolen items posted by uWatch members

  • Most recent listings show first
  • The list can be filtered by keyword and post code

Posting to the bulletin board is only available to uWatch users who have registered on the uWatch system. You can edit or delete your BB listing from your user web page.

“Dodgy gear” App:

What is it and who can use it?

The “Dodgy Gear” App is:

  • Free to anyone to download from the App stores, including regulatory authorities such as the police and customs officials
  • A search engine for the Bulletin Board which contains all items reported stolen
  • Available to download for Android and iPhone

If you are offered or discover a stolen item that is listed, the owner or the police can be notified directly from the App.

The benefits of the uWatch System

Time stamped, photographic evidence is vital information that can help front line police officers and customs officials:

  • Identify stolen goods
  • Catch thieves and resellers red handed

It is 50 times more expensive to investigate a crime to get a prosecution than it is if the thief was caught red handed.

The uWatch System prevents people unknowingly buying stolen goods and most fundamental of all it removes the market for stolen goods.

  • There is no point a thief stealing another laptop if they can’t sell the one they have already
  • A reseller will be wary of offering stolen items where they can easily be checked against the uWatch database in places like:
    • Gumtree
    • eBay
    • Local free ads
    • Pubs and Campuses
    • Preloved
    • Car Boot Sales
    • Markets
    • Auctions
    • Farm Sales

The uWatch Cube

“The versatile and inexpensive companion for your mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a battery or mains powered computer that keeps an eye on things you can’t”.

It is very easy to reconfigure it between many different uses and includes a “cross network” SIM that will connect to any carrier and with a year’s free data.

How does it work?

If the Cube is moved, something moves in front of it, a Bluetooth sensor activates it or it senses that the temperature is outside a range you have set … an alert will be sent to your smart phone. This is real-time communication sent to the uWatch App not an SMS message that may never arrive.

The Cube will connect to the uWatch system from most countries in the world with an alert to your phone in under a minute.

From your phone, tablet or PC you can escalate the alert to someone else or change the Cube’s configuration to switch on the tracking or camera. If there are no alerts you will receive a “heartbeat” to confirm that it is working and be warned when the batteries are running low.

Unlike with Wi-Fi the Cube is very mobile, it will work anywhere swapping from one mobile phone tower and carrier to another automatically, without the need to put in passwords.

What are the typical uses?

Peace of mind:

  • Do you want to know if granny is up and about?
  • Are the kids home from school?
  • Is someone in your holiday home when you are not there?
  • Is the temperature in your green house is getting to a critical level?
  • Are your expensive tools safely secure in your shed?
  • You can find a detailed description of some of the Cube’s uses under the ‘Uses Tab’

Valuable information:

  • Do you need to be alerted if something is caught in your trap?
  • Has the temperature dropped in your empty property or boat, so the pipes may freeze?
  • Want to be warned if the water level has risen to a critical level in you bilges or under the bridge?
  • Has the queen in your bee hive started laying in the spring?
  • Are squatters moving into your empty property?


  • The uWatch system has Police “Secured by Design” approval because it will help “prevent, reduce and solve crime”.
  • Crime prevention: The police need to know that thieves are at work
  • The uWatch Cube will tell you within a minute if someone tried to break in or has succeeded, but the criminal won’t know that you know … call the police