Static Caravans and Lodges


  • Security: Are you concerned about your Static Caravan or Lodge being compromised when you’re away from it? Activate a uWatch Cube on the inside overlooking the entrance. Place an additional Bluetooth BLE Shock sensor on the door latch. If someone tries your door or gains entry you will receive an alert to your smartphone within 60 seconds. You many want to be alerted when your guests have arrived, place the cube outside looking at your entrance, and when they arrive, you will know.
  • Awnings: If you keep bikes, barbecues or other items of value under the awnings these can also be protected by adding Bluetooth Shock Sensors. Should they be moved when the Cube is active within the Static Caravan or Lodge, you will receive an alert to your Smartphone within 60 seconds.
  • Temperature: Static Caravans and Lodges can also be susceptible to fire while you’re away. The uWatch Cube will send an alert to your Smartphone within 60 seconds if there is a sudden change in temperature.
  • Winter Storage: In the closed season, leave an activated uWatch Cube on the inside overlooking the entrance. In addition to the security discussed above, you will also receive an alert to your Smartphone within 60 seconds if your Holiday Home is compromised. This information can be shared with your Park Owner for immediate investigation.
  • GPS Tracking: Enable GPS Tracking and should someone attempt to steal your mobile Caravan, uWatch will track its location for you.
  • Remote Configuration: You can change the configuration of the uWatch Cube remotely, without having to visit your Static Caravan or Lodge. Switch on GPS, change temperature settings etc

The main features of The Cube are:

  1. PIR Sensor – Detects any movement within a 135 degree angle
  2. Camera – Takes Date and Time stamped photos with a wide angle lens
  3. Shock/Movement Sensor – If the cube is moved or knocked, you will be sent an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor – You can define a temperature range that if exceeded, you are sent an alert
  5. GPS – You can track your Cube’s location
  6. Bluetooth – Connects with additional movement tags

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Don’t wait to be the next victim of damage to your Static Caravan or Lodge.

All you need to get started:

The Cube™

for 1 year

The uWatch Cube is the battery or mains powered communications hub of the uWatch system.

It uses a cross network SIM and the 2G cellular network, which means it works in the most remote locations.

The Cube (Day Time Camera)

Option 1
£238.80 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

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The Cube LL (Day & Night Time Camera)

Option 2
£330.00 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

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Bluetooth “Loop” Tag

£30.00 Incl VAT

The Tag is a Bluetooth movement sensor that can extend your Cube’s capacity and monitoring range, approximately 50m in a clear line of sight.

One cube can monitor up to 10 tags around your home at the same time. You can attach your tags to door and window handles using velcro coins, cable ties and screws, which we supply for every tag purchase.

If you have several tags around your home the Alert sent to your phone from the Cube will specifically identify which Bluetooth tag it came from. You can name your tags, therefore allowing you to identify the point of attempted break in e.g. ‘Grey tag on front door handle’

If you attach a “Loop” Tag to the door handles around your home and someone attempts to use the handle, with minimal force the movement sensor will ‘wake up’.

When a Tag is disturbed it broadcasts via Bluetooth for 30 minutes. Your cube will ‘wake up’ every 60 seconds to check whether any of the movement sensors have been disturbed. If the Cube detects no movement it will ‘sleep’ to save battery. If it detects the sensor has been moved, the Cube connects to the GSM network and sends an alert to your phone within 90 seconds.

Dust and Splash Proof Housing for Cube™

£28.00 Incl VAT


  • Waterproof enclosure for external applications
  • Mounting adapter which can be screwed or cable tied to a structure near your home to provide optimum coverage for the outside of your building
  • Correctly mounting your Cube outside can improve communication between it and the Bluetooth movement sensors you may have on the outside of your property