Horse Stables

“Over 10,000 horses stolen in the UK each year!”

Local Riding

horse stables

Rural Crime cost the UK £40 million last year and is at epidemic levels. 

The Cube will instantly alert you if there is a sudden change in temperature, if someone has entered your premises and if your valuable equipment is being stolen… why wait until you become a victim?

Stable Security 

Whether you want to protect your horse box, tack and equipment or the animals themselves you need to know instantly when something isn’t quite right.

If there is someone on your premises when they shouldn’t be, if someone is near your equipment store at 3am, or if someone simply opens a gate, The Cube will send an alert to your phone in less than minute with a date and time stamped photo. This alert can be escalated directly to the police.

If your cube is monitoring your horse box, as soon as the cube is moved it will send an instant alert, you can then track its location with the GPS.

The Cube is completely portable and instantly deployable. You can move it from your equipment store during the day to your horse box at night.

Fire Alert 

The Cube can be set up to take regular temperature readings, if there is a sudden change in temperature The Cube will send an instant alert to your phone.

Create an inventory

It’s quick and easy to use the uWatch App to record the valuable and vulnerable things you have on site with serial numbers and distinguishing marks, don’t forget your livestock!

The pictures are date and time stamped and can be used for positive identification and evidence by the police. You can also send the pictures to your insurance company and ask them for a better insurance quote.

Police Approval

The uWatch system is approved under the Polices “Secured by Design” scheme. The uWatch system will “detect crime as it is happening, help prevent crime and help solve it.”

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