What does The Cube include?
  • A full year of unlimited data on a roaming SIM
  • Lithium batteries
  • 12 month warranty
  • Access to uWatch app and web pages
  • Full technical support and installation assistance
  • App includes
    asset list The asset list allows you to create a date and time stamped photographic record of your valuables. This includes details such as serial numbers, photos of receipts and warranty information. This is all stored on the cloud and can be useful for insurance companies and the police.
  • Over the air upgrades to enhance the cubes functionality
  • Free cloud storage with secure uWatch servers

Battery Operated. No WiFi needed. Works Anywhere:

The Cube is a mobile device that connects to any network using a ready installed roaming SIM card, including unlimited data. You can deploy it in any environment and can roam most countries throughout Europe.

The Cube can be battery (3 AA Lithium) or mains powered using a 5v android USB phone charger.

Police approved:

In the back of your van, inside your shed, your hotel room or on the gate to your field, the Cube is the Police Approved mobile security buddy for your mobile phone.

An activation of any of the Cubes sensors will send an alert to your smart phone or by e-mail, within 30 seconds and the criminal will not know they have been detected.

Day/Night Camera

High or low resolution. Date & time stamped photos

Motion Sensor

Detects movement up to 5 metres away and a span of 135o

Temperature Sensor

Get an alert if temperature exceeds a predefined range

Shock Sensor

The lightest movement of the cube itself will prompt an alert

GPS Tracking

Track the cube's location

Bluetooth Vibration Detector

The Cube can connect with up to 10 uWatch vibration detector

Real Time Alerts

Quickly receive push notifications to your smartphone, containing the alert and all details

Remote Configuration

You can change the functionality of your cube, remotely, from any phone or PC. E.g. turn on GPS tracking


You can control all aspects of the uWatch system from your user webpage and app

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