Securing your allotments

December 21, 2021 || Agriculture

Tackling trespasses on private land can be a problem in itself but when it comes to protecting your allotments from theft and sheer destruction, that’s when it’s time to act now and protect your property.

uWatch have a unique security alerting LoRa system which has the capability to protect up to a 2km range of council owned or private land. The cube operates with remote sensor tags that can be easily positioned anywhere (e.g. on doors at individual rented allotment sheds internally or externally). The Cube is set up to alert via a push notification alarm siren to the users smartphone (via the uWatch app), should their sheds be compromised by theft or other intrusions happening in real-time.

Many allotment sites suffer from theft and vandalism, sometimes minor incidents like theft of pots and tools but also major issues involving smashing of glass, breaking into sheds, stealing valuable items and even arson. Majority of thefts happen at night; that’s when the LoRa Cube can be remotely timed to operate during the hours of darkness.

This development has significant benefits for Councils, private land owners and allotment associations. The Cube can be managed by a controlling ‘agent’ as a point of contact for Councils or allotment association organisers who can share information with their allotment member. This information can be used for a local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NHPT) to be made aware of what’s happening in their area and providing date and time-stamped evidence or incident patterns from the app if required.

Technical Benefits of Lora
LoRa links the uWatch Cube with small remote sensors (tags) at ranges of 1km or more in clear line of sight or up to approximately 300m in and around obstacles or buildings. It operates using low frequency radio waves which are more powerful at longer range. The high power also allows LoRa to penetrate obstacles. The tags and the Cube utilise internal or external antenna (for long range) and monitor shock/PIR (movement) sensing. LoRa can protect multiple allotments and alert a user in seconds. The solar powered LoRa version offers unlimited battery use, all versions are operated with No Mains, No WiFi .. perfect for those rural areas. The LoRa Cube operates from a SIM only contract (just like the original Bluetooth version).

Why we need to protect our allotments
Protecting our allotments is so important to the environment and individuals’ health, more so now with the current pandemic. For many people, allotments offer an escapism to de-stress and create a good balance in our every day lives. It’s a fantastic way of bringing our communities together whether for educational needs or local community groups with a common interest. Allotments are the perfect place to encourage healthy eating… free of pesticides and helping the environment by reducing personal carbon footprint compared to shop-bought alternatives and limiting the packaging used. 

*** LoRa will be available to purchase Spring 2022. For free demonstrations or further information please contact or call 01491 651229 to be included on a mailing list ***