Bluetooth “Hook” Tag

£30.00 Incl VAT

The Tag is a Bluetooth movement sensor that can extend your Cube’s capacity and monitoring range, approximately 50m in a clear line of sight.

One cube can monitor up to 10 tags at the same time. You can hook your tag to traps or connect to underground traps via cord (not supplied).

If you have several tags around the Alert sent to your phone from the Cube will specifically identify which Bluetooth tag it came from. You can name your tags, therefore allowing you to identify which trap has triggered e.g. ‘Trap beneath basement floor’

If you hook a “Hook Tag” to a cage trap and a pest triggers the trap, the vibrations alone will be sufficient in ‘waking up’ the movement sensor. Additionally, if you attach some cord to the trap mechanism, when it is triggered, you will know.

When a Tag is disturbed it broadcasts via Bluetooth for 30 minutes. Your cube will ‘wake up’ every 60 seconds to check whether any of the movememnt sensors have been disturbed.  If the Cube detects no movement it will ‘sleep’ to save battery. If it detects the sensor has been moved, the Cube connects to the GSM network and sends an alert to your phone within 90 seconds.




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