Pest Control

Pest control relies on breaking the breeding cycle of the pest you are trying to remove, be it moles, rats, rabbits, grey squirrels or something else

  • Trap Monitoring: The uWatch Cube connects with additional Bluetooth shock tags - click to learn more
  • These tags can be attached to traps within 20 metres "clear line of sight" of the cube. If the trap is activated, the tag will move and begin transmitting
  • The Cube will detect this, take a picture and send an alert to your phone in under 30 seconds, detailing exactly which trap has been activated
  • Therefore, you are only visting traps when they have something caught which will save many hours travelling to check them
  • Loft monitoring: The Cube does not require mains power or Wi-Fi. Therefore, it works anywhere, simply connecting to the nearest mobile network.
  • It is simple and easy to deploy the cube in a loft, kitchen or garage. As soon as a pest moves in front of the cube, a picture will be taken and sent to your phone. This identifies the pest and the exact time/location it was present.
  • GPS:The alert from the uWatch Cube, including the trap’s GPS location, can be forwarded to colleagues who might be better placed to attend.
  • Photographic Records: Technicians can use the uWatch APP to take and store photographs of trap locations.
  • Customer Audit Trails:  The uWatch trap alerts can be used to provide audit trails of what traps were deployed, what pests were caught and recovered.

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