Launch of Phones4Bees

January 22, 2021 || Business Updates

We need your disused smartphones to help African beekeepers. 

We have launched the “Phones4Bees” campaign, a Bee.Watch project working with the Africa Honey Consortium and The Source Plus, a not for profit company working in Kenya providing solutions to agricultural and environmental issues. 

We are asking everyone to send us any disused smartphones that may be gathering dust in a bedside drawer or cupboard and help both our beekeeper’s and the environment in the process.

Smartphone technology is key to the development of beekeeping across Africa and we are developing our existing Apiary management system to create a honey traceability and payment system, Api-Trace, whilst also feeding into ‘big data’ strategies to protect the environment and pollinators alike.

African beekeepers will use the donated phones to keep real-time hive records, manage the swarm season and monitor local pesticide usage to produce the purest honey whilst also recording their training and work towards vocational qualifications. Equally importantly, the app will be the payment gateway, paying the beekeepers a fair price at source for their honey, so bringing the market to the rural beekeepers. This will result in a strengthened rural economy and increased rural employment. 

This project will initially roll out in Kenya and then out across East Africa. With commitment already from Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Nigeria and South Africa.

Take a look at the infographic below, share with your networks and follow the simple steps to donate your disused smartphones and help to make a difference. 

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