Cube Kits

Indoor & Outdoor starter kits for pest control, vans, boats, containers, farms, stables, caravans and sheds.

All kits include:

  • A day/night Cube
  • The uWatch app
  • Deterrent stickers
  • Mounting tripod (indoor or outdoor versions available)
  • Technical support
  • 12 months “roaming” SIM contract, unlimited data & warranty
  • 6 lithium batteries
  • Hard carry case
  • All cloud storage & software upgrades

Indoor/Shed Kit

*with mounting tripod & tray

£343 incl VAT

All Weather Kit

*with mounting tripod & full waterproof enclosure

£345 incl VAT

Care Kit

*with android USB and mounting tray/tripod

£275 incl VAT

Container “faraday cage” Kit

*with external GSM/GPS antenna & 2 Bluetooth tags

£375 incl VAT


Add a Bluetooth Tag to your kit

Loop tag

*for any application

£25 incl VAT

Hook tag

*for pest control “cage” traps

£25 incl VAT
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