Golf Courses: Security for Buggies and Equipment

Golf Courses: Security for Buggies and Equipment


Safe guard your money earners and prevent your insurance costs from esculating.

There has been a recent spike in the theft of Golf Buggies across the UK. The valuable buggy batteries are the prime target, when extracting these, extensive damage is done to the buggies and where possible the buggies themselves are stolen.

As we approach winter the buggies are spending more time away from the green and it is impossible for you to monitor them 24 hours a day.

Introducing The Cube…

This powerful security device can keep an eye on the things you can’t and will inform you in real-time if there is someone near your buggies who shouldn’t be. You can have full ‘Peace of mind’ that if someone attempts to move or simply goes near your buggies you would find out within 30 seconds. Therefore, you will know they are there before they have even started.


– If anyone walks in close proximity of your buggies in the day or at night, The Cube’s PIR movement sensor will detect it and send an alert to your smartphone within 30 seconds.

– If The Cube is moved or knocked the shock sensor will wake up and send an alert to your phone.

– The wide angle camera will take a photograph of the intruders and send it with any alert to your smartphone.

– You could have The Cube mounted over looking your buggies or you could discretely attach one to a buggy. The slightest movement will activate the shock sensor and if The Cube is attached to the stolen buggy you can monitor its location using the built in GPS tracker.

– You could have The Cube monitoring your storage of small tools and other equipment e.g. chainsaws, blowers.

– After recieving an alert you can escalate the information to the police

– We have the Police’s ‘Secured By Design’ Approval, with members of the panel commenting ‘there is nothing like this on the market’ and ‘it will help to reduce, prevent and solve crime’.

Cube Configuration:

– You can configure The Cube to only turn on when it gets dark, this is a great battery saving mechanism and this is the time The Cube will be most beneficial to you.

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