Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What is in the box?

    Depending on what you have purchased you will receive a Cube with 12 months SIM use, unlimited data, cloud storage and warranty. You will get 2 sets of lithium AA batteries and set up instructions. Additional mountings, bluetooth tags and waterproof enclosures are optional or part of “Kits”.

  • How do you ship the product?

    Delivery ranges from “free 2nd class signed for” to “Next day guaranteed”.

  • Why do I need a SIM contract?

    The Cube uses the mobile phone network to connect to the Cloud and your smart phone. As well as managing the connection and the data the SIM also provides the basic security of the system. The SIM card will not work in any other mobile phone device and any other SIM card will not work in the Cube.

  • How do I set it up?

    Carefully follow the setup instructions in the box to register your Cube on the system. Continue following the instructions to use the device and get comfortable with it.

  • How long is the warranty period?

    12 months

  • Can I use it abroad?

    If there is a GPRS signal the Cube will work, however you may need a different SIM if you use it regularly abroad. Contact uWatch for more information.

  • What happens if I change my phone or e-mail address?

    Log into your account and go into settings/my profile to make the changes

  • How do I know if it is working?

    The Cube will send alerts to your smartphone app and web page once it is activated e.g. the PIR sensor is disturbed. You can configure the Cube to send you “heartbeats” at a set frequency e.g. every 24 hours. This confirms the device is ON and working.

  • Can the Cube be turned off remotely?

    Yes, from the app you can set a “Switch OFF” time e.g. 2 hours. After this, the cube will turn back ON automatically.

  • How do I update the Cube Configuration?

    Log in to your web page, select your cube serial number to bring up the configuration page. Here you can turn ON and OFF the various sensors – after saving these changes, they will show as “pending”, after the cube does an alert they will be adopted.

  • What is Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology that connects other devices to your Cube. The uWatch BLE Tag is a shock sensor with its own battery that communicates with the Cube when it has been activated.

  • What is the Cube and how does it work?

    The Cube is a hand-held computer that runs on AA Batteries and connects to the Cloud server and your smart phone using the mobile phone network. It transmits and receives data but it does not use WiFi. When one of its sensors is activated the Cube alerts you via your PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • Will it work anywhere and how will I know this?

    The cross-network SIM will connect to which ever carrier is in an area. Then if one carrier, e.g. O2 becomes unavailable it will automatically change to another carrier e.g. Vodafone. Hence the Cube will work even though you may not have a signal on your smart phone.

    When you switch the cube on the first thing it does is to display the signal strength.

  • What is my monthly SIM allowance?

    5 megabytes of data equivalent to approximately 250 low resolution pictures or 600 alerts (without pictures or GPS)

  • How long do the batteries last?

    Typically, in a simple shed monitoring application where the Cube is using the PIR to detect an intruder, sending five alerts a day will give 2 months.

  • What batteries are used and where do I get them?

    Extensive battery tests have been undertaken and Energiser Lithium AA batteries are the most consistent we have tested. Other Lithium batteries by some well-known makers have performed poorly and others are unnecessarily expensive. uWatch can supply replacement batteries through the shop.

  • Can the cube be positioned in direct sunlight?

    Direct sunlight on your camera lens over a period of time will damage the camera, as with any camera lens, and cause it to burn out. Where this is likely to occur with your installation consider all options for positioning the Cube facing a different direction or placing the Cube high enough that it points slightly down at the area you are monitoring so that the sun is not directly on the lens.