Crime Prevention

Rural crime in England reaches eight-year high of £46m .. what can you do?

1) Prevention: Use a uWatch Cube which is accredited by Secured by Design to provide security in the most remote locations. Fix a Cube to the gate of your field, in your outbuilding or monitoring your livestock and you will know within 45 seconds if that gate was opened or if someone is on the move at 3.00 am in the morning. Install a Cube, inside your shipping container to protect those quad bikes or workshop to know when someone is after your chainsaws, or in the tractor you left in the field overnight.

2) Join the WeWatch Controller app! This app turns your mountains of emails, calls and social media posts into a slick local “Watch” organisation that is fully integrated with the rest of the country and generates big data. Your local organiser or police will receive this intelligence in under 5 seconds from you hitting “save”, without a phone call significantly reducing their workload.


The future of intelligence gathering in the “Watch” community.

Are you a member or organiser of a Watch Group? Finding social media is consuming all your time? AND you are still spending hours on the phone and with e-mails and messages?

Part of the integrated uWatch crime prevention systems is the We Watch Controller app, not only preventing crime but providing the evidence to catch the criminals.

 It is simplistic and allows for intelligence gathering and reporting by all members of the community without the need for a phone call. 

 Your Watch Group volunteer organisers will get notifications on their phones of incoming intelligence within 5 seconds of it being recorded.

 The intelligence includes a date and time stamped picture, vector, location, vehicle registration, description and informant contact details (if provided).

 The system creates ‘big data’ as the intelligence is categorised to suit the priorities of the local watch group, be it fly tipping, hare coursing, lamping, theft, suspicious vehicles, or even power lines down or flooding.

 Includes back end management system for identifying and mapping trends.

 Captures suspicious vehicles registration number and a picture

Call us to discuss how to turn the enthusiasm of your Watch group into an effective intelligence gathering and distribution operation, supporting the police, 24/7.

3) Use The Tool Register or The Tack Register to record your valuable possessions and to remove the market of stolen goods. Then, if you were to become a victim of theft you can give the police actual evidence of what was stolen PLUS other users will be notified all over the country so your property will be harder to sell on.. all in a matter of seconds.


The e-CID (electronic crime intelligence data) app is the single point of delivery of data sent from the apps and Cube, to officers or watch organisers.

Just local intelligence, delivered in real time, creates a significantly higher chance of criminals being caught in the act.

Having received the message one tap on the e-CID app and a call is initiated straight back to the informant, providing an effective and instantaneous real time response to crimes that are in progress.

Hare Coursing, fly tipping, trespass, suspicious vehicles, attempted break in, theft .. what ever misfortune ..  no more waiting for 101 calls just to receive a crime number.

Watch the videos below to find out more about fighting crime using your smartphone:

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