What is organised crime? 

You will have heard of OCGs on Line of Duty, but they are not a fantasy

Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) target and exploit communities across a range of crime types.  Thieves steal to order delivering to a network of resellers or buyers as fast as Amazon.

They have far better access to technology than front-line police officers who rely on 101 phone calls from communities for intelligence. 

OCGs are run by professionals who set the criminal agenda and are far more street savvy than the pre-smart phone Police Chiefs, Crime Commissioners and Government that are woefully slow to adopt technology while criminals get richer and richer, at our expense.

Biggest of all they pray on the fact that our police forces, except Police Scotland, are not joined up

The 43 police forces of England and Wales refusing to be rationalised into a modern crime fighting force.

EXAMPLE: Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) steal the batteries from golf buggies at two golf courses in a county, and move away to the next county.  OCGs know that the police forces don’t communicating this intelligence to each other so are not aware it’s a country wide issue.

 ….. what can we do about it

We need to organise ourselves to deliver to the police valuable real time evidence and intelligence rather than rants on social media that just keeps the criminals in the loop.

….. how?

Report valuable intelligence

Virtually every non serious crime involves a vehicle at some point.  We see them in odd places wondering why they are there or acting suspiciously.

Record the details on a uWatch app.

A recent example in Surrey was a farmer that took the registration number of a suspicious looking pickup, only to later find on the DVLA web site that it was untaxed.

catch them red handed

All uWatch apps record suspicious vehicles and could send this valuable intelligence of

Picture, Date & Time

GPS location & Reg. #

to a local officer in 5-6 seconds.  This also includes your telephone number so they could be talking to you within 20 seconds.  It doesn’t get any quicker than that and gives the police a chance of catching them red handed.

The Tool and Equipment, Tack and Pet registers all cost £10+ vat for life and have the suspicious vehicle feature.

Crime prevention

When we are dealing with professional thieves, helping the police catch them is the main way to protect ourselves in the long term.

…. and posting specific crime intelligence on social media does the opposite.

You will have heard a lot of stories, or experienced it yourself, that the police do not come out to a theft and just give you a crime number. 

The reason is very simple, there will never be enough police but at the same time if we don’t give them the accurate intelligence they need to start an investigation, then they have nothing to work on. 

In the case of theft this intelligence must include 

  1. The exact time and location where the crime occurred

GPS or What 3 Words is most accurate. 

“Last night” is too vague, but 3.30am gives the police a time frame to look on any local ANPR cameras to see who was about. 

  1. Detailed description of the stolen item

Maker name and model number,

colour, serial number

unique marks and picture

A vague “A lawn mower and garden statue” is never going to illicit a response.

  1. Repatriation of stolen goods

It may surprise you that the police have warehouses full of recovered items which are evidence, but cannot match them to their owners. 

If they could, the police could then link the thief they recovered it from to the crime, and be more likely to get a conviction.

You would then also get your items back without an insurance claim.

How you prevent crimes of theft and provide the intelligence the police need.

The Cube is a “works anywhere” mobile alerting device that will record the specific intelligence the police need.

  • The Theft: The uWatch Cube mounted in your shed or barn or in your trade van with a remote sensor on the door handle.

The thief tries the door handle but it is locked

They will have activated the sensor (up to a kilometre away!)  and within 45 seconds you will get an alert on your smart phone, including date & time and sensor name (if you have several)

You shout out the window or create noise, BUT you don’t approach them

You didn’t hear the alert, the thief breaks in

The PIR sensor on the Cube will pick them up, take their picture.

send you another alert, then send you the picture.

  • Evidence of what was stolen: Register your valuable possessions.

The Tool and Equipment register app (or Tack register or Pet register)

These are specific apps that record and store your possessions on your account in the cloud.

You have taken pictures and recorded specific details of all your valuable possessions including unique marks that identify them as yours

If you become a victim these details may help the police to convict a criminal and repatriate your possessions

BUT without it they have no chance.

Whatever happens you will have the information to provide to your insurance company saving you hours of searching for receipts and values.

The uWatch register apps are £10 + Vat for 10 years and you can record up to 50 pictures of everything from horses, to cats, vehicles, equipment, bee hives,