Community Watch

“A Community Watch or Neighbourhood Watch group brings neighbors together to create strong, friendly and active communities in which crime can be tackled. Working together to protect themselves from thieves. Often this is just the passing of information but it can be so much more.”

community watch

uWatch Community

Imagine a neighbourhood community where all members deployed a uWatch Cube in sheds, monitoring gates and items of value. Should any member experience trespass or theft, the uWatch alerts could be shared in real time and dynamically amongst the community. Such knowledge could help thwart thieves sweeping through regions and could allow communities to be less reliant on under resourced police forces focussing on more serious crimes.

Real Evidence

The Community Watch will be providing police with real evidence and all the information they need to start an investigation and to prosecute criminals. They will have a timestamp of an illegal entry, full details of anything stolen including photos, dates purchased and serial numbers. And even possibly a photo of the burglar at the time of the crime.

Escalate Alerts to a Coordinator

If there is an alert both the resident and the area coordinator get a copy. Together they can determine the best course of action, which may involve contacting the police. A clear picture showing an intruder on site communicated to the police by the coordinator should result in immediate action.

Asset Register 

Community members take pictures of valuables on the uWatch Asset Register that comes with the APP, and should they be stolen, members can immediately share this information with the police and insurance companies.

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