The uWatch Cube: Care for the family

The uWatch Cube: Care for the family.

family care

Elderly Care

Activate a Cube at the bottom of the stairs or in the kitchen, if your relative walks past or moves in front of it an alert will be sent to an unlimited number of relatives phones in under 30 seconds. This provides peace of mind to family members, simply knowing their relative is up and about.

Dementia Care

Discreetly place and activate a uWatch Cube near to the main door. If the Dementia sufferer exits the door, the relative will receive an alert to their smartphone within 30 seconds.

Alert Sharing

Alerts can be sent to more than one person and can also be escalated to others like neighbours, local friends, care workers etc.

Are the kids home from school? 

Position the Cube by your front door and set the Cube to send alerts at certain times of day e.g. between 2.45-4pm when the kids are returning home from school. Giving you peace of mind that they are home safely. 

Sudden Temperature Change

Monitor the house temperature of your elderly relative. Your uWatch Cube will routinely provide you with temperature as part of its daily reporting to your App as well as when it sends alerts. It can be configured to report a sudden change in temperature too.

Remote Configuration

You can change the configuration of the uWatch Cube remotely, without having to visit the home being monitored.

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