Caravan, Motorhome and Awning Security


“In spite of greatly improved security devices, around 1,200 caravans were stolen in the UK last year.”

The Camping and Caravanning Club

CaSSOA promote the most secure caravan storage facilities across the UK, check out the CaSSOA website for more information

Make your caravan or motorhome secure today with a portable and instantly operational Cube.


The Cube will send an alert to your smartphone within 30 seconds of someone breaking into your caravan.

With a Bluetooth Tag attached to the inside door handle, the cube will also alert you if someone tries the door.


Bikes, barbecues, gas bottle and other items can also be protected by adding Bluetooth Tags.


Frozen pipes? Fire? – The Cube will alert you when the temperature inside your caravan exceeds a predefined range. This has been tested down to -18°C.

Winter Storage

If your Caravan or Motorhome gets bumped into by another vehicle you will get an alert sent to your smartphone within 30 seconds.

Should someone attempt to tow it away, the cube will track it and send you updated GPS locations.

The Cube will continue to take pictures of any unwelcome guests who may have taken up residence and send them to you.

Remote Configuration:

You can change the configuration of the uWatch Cube remotely, without having to visit your Caravan or Motorhome: switch on GPS tracking, change temperature settings etc.

Don’t wait to be the next victim of Caravan or Motorhome theft.

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