Bluetooth Tag

Bluetooth Vibration Sensors (Tags)

What are they?

  • Additional vibration detectors that connect with your Cube.

  • One Cube can monitor up to 10 tags but in security applications we suggest using 2-3, to increase speed of alert.

  • They are powered by a 2032-coin cell battery which gives 6 + months battery life.

  • 60 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm

How do they work?

  • The tags are in “sleep” mode until they are moved which wakes them up and they start transmitting Bluetooth.

  • The Cube will be scanning on a time frequency (set by you) to check if the tags are transmitting. If they are, the cube will send an alert, highlighting the exact tag that was moved e.g. “Black hook tag on trap” – the Cube can notify you of multiple tag movements in one go.

  • After the alert is sent, the tag goes back to “sleep”.

  • The tags need to be within “20 metres clear line of sight” of the Cube.

  • Typical applications include:

    • Tag attached to shed, vehicle or container door with the cube mounted inside. As soon as someone tries to open the door, you will be alerted.

    • Tag attached to pest control traps – you will know when a pest has been caught.

    • Tag attached to gate or fence, when someone enters your premises, a picture will be taken and an alert sent.