Bee Hive Theft: Security and Monitoring

Bee Hives Theft: Security and Monitoring

“Hive thefts are becoming more frequent, in correlation with the reduction in bee populations. Bees have become such a hot commodity to thieves that they can become traumatized victims of kidnapping, displacement and organised crime.’

World Economic Forum



Are you concerned about people or animals going into your Apiary or that your hives may be stolen? If the Cube moves, or if anything moves in front of it you will be alerted in less than 30 seconds on your smartphone (anywhere in the world), at the same time extra Bluetooth movement sensors could be checking for any movements of other hives or the gate into your Apiary.

Wax Production

Early in spring The Cube will tell you when the colony has “woken up” and if the Queen is laying, by reporting the change in temperature inside the hive. Allowing you to immediately start feeding for wax production (usually well before you think you need to do anything).


Position The Cube close to the entrance and the PIR will detect when the bees start foraging, what the temperature is and even send you a picture. It will also spot mice and wax moth moving around in front of the entrance.

Winter Varroa treatment

Monitor the internal temperature of the hive and know when the temperature drops, as they have started clustering. This is one of the best times to treat for Varroa when there is no brood.

Picture records 

Routinely take pictures of your colonies using the App and store them on the system with descriptions and dates. Make notes against alerts and escalate them to other beekeepers.

Extreme temperatures

Set maximum and minimum temperature warning (also useful in a greenhouse). If these temperatures are exceeded, you will receive an alert.


 Use the uWatch management system to create your own local beekeeping community with a messaging system, sharing information in real time with your local organiser.


Change the configuration of The Cube, switch on the camera or change the temperature settings without having to open the hive.

Prevent beehive theft and keep in tune with your colonies using affordable technology.

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