• Bees

    Prevent theft and monitor your hives remotely

  • Boats

    Monitor intruders, freezing pipes and bilge water levels

  • Bicycles

    Detect if it moves or if equipment is stolen and monitor intruders

  • Building Sites

    Know if your tool bag, van or materials have been moved

  • Caravans and Motorhomes

    Detect if it moves or if equipment is stolen and monitor intruders

  • Family Care

    Is dad up or are the kids home from school?… have peace of mind

  • Community Watch

    An organised community help themselves and the police.

  • Rural Crime

    Rustling is £1 million per month .. why wait until you are a victim

  • Sheds, Outbuildings and Gardens

    Easy targets for expensive tools and ornaments

  • Gate Monitoring

    Know if people are accessing your property uninvited

  • Golf Course Security

    Instant security for buggies and equipment stores

  • Second Homes

    Warnings of thieves, squatters and freezing pipes

  • Horse Stables

    no mains power? instant security with pictures day or night

  • Pest Control

    The Cube spots rats in the loft and sends a picture

  • Static caravans and lodge

    Low temperature alerts or detect intruders with The Cube

  • Students

    Laptop stolen is one thing, course work? disaster!

  • Trade tool and Van Security

    120 thefts in 6 weeks in one police authority

  • Containers/all steel enclosures

    Applications include shipping containers, all steel narrow boats.