Agents & Distributors

Agents and Distributors are key to the uWatch business model

The Cube is so versatile that it would be impossible for uWatch by itself to cover all its possible uses. So we work with Agents who can customise the uWatch system to benefit their particular market.

Developing your Business

Our business model is such that we are happy to work with you to develop your uWatch business. We will expect you to be focused on a particular application in a defined area. Your knowledge of the market allows you to add value to the uWatch offering.

Revenue from Sales and Monthly Fees

You may wish to suggest particular sensor settings for your application. You may want to develop additional BLE equipment to add value to your offering. Whatever your field, we will support you and share the monthly SIM rental with you.

Everyone Wins

There are business benefits for the agents, better systems for the users and more sales for uWatch, so everyone wins.

Become an Agent

To apply to become and agent for uWatch, call or email Geoff – Contact Us here.