The Directors

There are three directors, Beryl Guiver is Managing Director, Norman Guiver is System Designer and Sales & Marketing Director, and Geoff Ward is Company Secretary.

Norman Guiver

Norman Guiver started his working life in retail with C&A and Habitat. He set up Microcache in 1981, building a successful business in membership systems before selling it to a PLC in 1999. Along the way there were many innovations – the first company to introduce the Swipe card, member photographs, and the first to recognise the value of membership name and address files.

Beryl Guiver

Beryl Guiver, Norman’s wife, was the Managing Director at Microcache, taking the business from start up to market leader in the UK. After Microcache Beryl became a planning officer at a local authority, and then working as a planning consultant. She has been persuaded to join the uWatch board as Managing Director.

Geoff Ward

Geoff Ward has worked on a number of projects with Norman. His background is computers and technology. He ended a career with ICL in 2000 as a member of the retail division management team with responsibility for marketing, sales and project managers. Since then he worked on smart metering and then home automation projects. He project managed a number of projects that were UK or EU funded looking at the potential for new technology in the home and in industry.