About Us

About Us

uWatch is a new company but all of the key players have worked together over a number of years.

Norman & Beryl Guiver successfully developed management software for the leisure industry for over 21 years.

The initial uWatch concept was developed in 2000 when Norman Guiver and Mike Bird were discussing the problems of a rat infestation in a remote site. Rat traps were fine but you needed to keep checking them. After a couple of days you could have a wasted journey or your traps were full and had been ineffective since they had caught the first rat.

Their idea was a small device that sent an alert when the trap was fired. The idea expanded to other common concerns – like criminals causing damage or theft, and more positive, peace of mind uses. The project stalled when, sadly, Mike became terminally ill with cancer.

In 2013 Norman restarted the project, pulling together a small team. Geoff Ward who brought marketing and management skills and a group of small companies with key IT and software skills.


Tickling Trout

Tickling Trout® are a specialist marketing company based in Andover. They are social media and mail experts with extensive experience in identifying and creating routes to market. They are responsible for the Dynamic Illustrations produced on this site.  They will run the uWatch web sites, create our collateral, and run email and other marketing campaigns to attract sales and new channels to market.

Erbas Teknoloji

Erbas Teknoloji Ltd are based Istanbul, Turkey. They design and develop innovative security devices and provide these to suppliers around the world. They  developed the early versions of the uWatch Cube. They design the various versions of the hardware against a specification and provide the firmware to manage the working of the Cube and its communication with the uWatch Hub.

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee of Noida, India are our software developers. Against our specifications, they provide the central communications and management software, the uWatch Hub. They also produce the operational web site behind the user login, and mobile phone apps for Android, iPhones and Windows phones. We now have five dedicated development staff working for us.


We are proud to say that all our manufacturing is done locally.