Tool thefts from Vans

December 1, 2021 || Crime

Safeguarding your tools and van

Tool theft from vans in the UK is still on the rise, costing tradespeople £100 million a year to replace their stolen tools. To help prevent this issue the uWatch Cube is a unique security alerting device which is a great asset for protecting your tools and van.

What makes this security device unique is the Cube doesn’t require mains power or WiFi to operate. The cube is versatile in where it’s placed, indoors or outdoors and perfect for being positioned in your work van. It’s a great device for protecting your tools and is easy to set up with the uWatch app and desktop system which will allow you to select the ‘Van’ configuration setting. The Cube will provide date and time-stamped images and send alerts to your phone in under 30 seconds. Most thefts take place in the hours of darkness but this won’t stop the Cube from taking good quality images with it’s built-in infrared sensor. Included is GPS location, so if the baddie wants to steal your van, as well as your tools, this can be easily tracked.

The uWatch app can be accessed easily for its information and to provide as evidence to share with your local police and community. The Cube is accredited by the police’s ‘Secured By Design’ initiative and recommended by a number of police forces such as Staffordshire, Bedfordshire and Suffolk Police.

To find out full details on The Cube click here.

Another of uWatch products is the Tool Register App if you’re a busy tradesperson and your tools get stolen trying to find receipts/paperwork can be a nightmare. The beauty of the Tool Register App is everything is secured in one place, think of it as a virtual filing cabinet but this one is much easier to use! Upon purchasing your new tool, take a photo of it, add it’s make, model, scan serial number, purchase receipt and make a description identifying anything unique. Once the tool is stored on the app you can download as a pdf to share with your local community or police force.

The Tool Register app to download for both Android and iOS devices.