Pest Control

Picture courtesy of Shire Pest Services – Didcot

Pest control relies on breaking the breeding cycle of the pest you are trying to remove, be it moles, rats, rabbits, grey squirrels or something else.

  • Trap Monitoring: One uWatch Cube can monitor up to 10 traps within a 50 metre range. The type of trap depends on the specific pest being dealt with but in all cases, once activated a trap is no longer doing it’s job. It needs emptying and resetting as soon as possible, as rats, mice and rabbits breed very quickly.
  • Route Efficiency: The primary function of the uWatch Cube in a trapping application is to report when a trap has been activated. In commercial applications, this will save many hours travelling to check traps and prove whether pests are present. Real time alerting of activated traps and photographic evidence of pests being present, optimises a technician’s route and job planning and lowering costs. Should a trap be activated or a pest be photographed near a trap, the technician will receive an alert to their Smartphone within 60 seconds.
  • GPS:The alert from the uWatch Cube, including the trap’s GPS location, can be forwarded to colleagues who might be better placed to attend.
  • Photographic Records: Technicians can use the uWatch APP to take and store photographs of trap locations.
  • Customer Audit Trails:  The uWatch trap alerts can be used to provide audit trails of what traps were deployed, what pests were caught and recovered when and where.

The main features of The Cube are:

  1. PIR Sensor – Detects any movement within a 135 degree angle
  2. Camera – Takes Date and Time stamped photos within a 135 degree angle
  3. Bluetooth ‘movement’ Sensor – If the cube is moved or knocked, you will be sent an alert
  4. Temperature Sensor – You can define a temperature range that if exceeded, you are sent an alert
  5. GPS – You can track your Cube’s location

For more information on The Cube, please visit The uWatch Cubepage under ‘The System’ Tab


What you need to get started

The Cube™

The uWatch Cube is the battery or mains powered communications hub of the uWatch system.

It uses a cross network SIM and the 2G cellular network, which means it works in the most remote locations.

The Cube includes:

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Bluetooth ‘Shock or Movement’ Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • GPS tracking
  • Camera

The ultimate companion for your smartphone that keeps an eye on the things you can’t. Whether that is simply for peace of mind or for monitoring and security applications

The Cube

Option 1
£238.80 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

Option 2
£24.00 incl VAT monthly
(Includes 24-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)

The Cube LL

(Contains Infrared LEDs for nighttime applications)

Option 3
£330.00 incl VAT
(Includes 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty)



Bluetooth “Hook” Tag

£30.00 Incl VAT

The Tag is a Bluetooth movement sensor that can extend your Cube’s capacity and monitoring range, approximately 50m in a clear line of sight.

One cube can monitor up to 10 tags at the same time. You can hook your tag to traps or connect to underground traps via cord (not supplied).

If you have several tags around the Alert sent to your phone from the Cube will specifically identify which Bluetooth tag it came from. You can name your tags, therefore allowing you to identify which trap has triggered e.g. ‘Trap beneath basement floor’

If you hook a “Hook Tag” to a cage trap and a pest triggers the trap, the vibrations alone will be sufficient in ‘waking up’ the movement sensor. Additionally, if you attach some cord to the trap mechanism, when it is triggered, you will know.

When a Tag is disturbed it broadcasts via Bluetooth for 30 minutes. Your cube will ‘wake up’ every 60 seconds to check whether any of the movememnt sensors have been disturbed.  If the Cube detects no movement it will ‘sleep’ to save battery. If it detects the sensor has been moved, the Cube connects to the GSM network and sends an alert to your phone within 90 seconds.


Bluetooth “Pill Box” Tag

£30.00 Incl VAT

Alternatively, you could use the “Pill Box” Tag which is ideal for Box Traps.

You can velcro the “Pill” Tag to the top of the Boxand when the trap is triggered, the vibrations alone will ‘wake’ the Tag up.

Dust and Splash Proof Housing for Cube™

£21.60 Incl VAT


  • Waterproof enclosure for external applications
  • Mounting adapter which can be screwed or cable tied to a structure to provide optimum coverage of the areas prone to pests
  • Correctly mounting your Cube outside can improve communication between it and the movement sensors you also have outside